Worklog - running OSVR with Oculus Rift DK2

  For those seeking a guide, I've decided to write down my onn experience with DK2 and OSVR, to save You some time while trying to figure out what to do. It is not complete, I will keep updating as I progress.


  - Win7 SP1 x64

  - Oculus Rift DK2

  -- Runtime version 1.4.0

  Current progress:

  - DK2 recognized

  - TrackerViewer registering input

  Current issues

  - cannot render anything (renderer configuration incorrect)


  - SteamVR


  0. Install DK2 - download latest runtime&drivers from this LINK, make sure the kit works fine. I tried version and was not successful running it with OSVR.

  1. Download and install OSVR SDKLINK, put a desktop shortcut to OSVR_server.exe, will come in handy

  2. Download and install OSVR Config LINK, create a shortcut of "OSVR Config.exe" on desktop too.

  3. Download OSVR Rift plugin LINK.

  4. Extract the Rift plugin, copy com_OSVR_OculusRift.dll from bin/OSVR-plugins-0 to the OSVR SDK/bin/OSVR-plugins-0

  5. Now run the OSVR Config, click Devices and hit USE on the line "Oculus_Rift_DK2.json"

  6. Now go to the bin folder of the SDK and run OSVRTrackerViewer. Mode the rift around, translation and rotation should be registered.

  Re: Worklog - running OSVR with Oculus Rift DK2

  For rendering, so I've found out, you need to use Oculus runtime 0.8 or earlier with the DK2.

  I haven't managed to get head/camera tracking working, though (no effect visible in OSVRTrackerViewer.exe).

  Windows 8.1

  Oculus DK2

  Oculus Runtime 0.8 - so that OSVR can render to the DK2

  OVR SDK v0.6-1194 64-bit

  OSVR HDK Combined Driver Installer 1.2.7

  OSVR Oculus Rift build 44 1.5.0 64bits

  OSVR Config build 48

  Download and install OSVR SDK

  Download and install OSVR Config utility

  Download OSVR Rift plugin version 0.8

  Copy DLL from OSVR Rift plugin into C:\Program Files\OSVR\SDK\bin\OSVR-plugins-0

  Start up OSVR Server

  Start up OSVR Config

  In OSVR Config's "Devices" tab, select the Oculus DK2 entry.

  In OSVR config's "Rendering" tab, untick auto-enable direct mode then tick it again (this enables the "Save" button) and press "Save".

  Stop the OSVR Server

  Edit the resulting OSVR configuration file, C:\Program Files\OSVR\SDK\bin\OSVR_server_config.json, and remove the following sections: "drivers", "aliases".

  Restart the OSVR Server

  Both tracking and display should work:

  - C:\Program Files\OSVR\SDK\bin\OSVRTrackerViewer.exe should show R, G, and B arrows representing your DK2's position and tilt, moving and tilting as you move your DK2.

  - C:\Program Files\OSVR\SDK\bin\RenderManagerD3DPresentExample3D.exe should show you inside a coloured cube.

  For reference, my resulting config file is attached.