HDK2 First Time Setup, Black screen Fix and SteamVR Tutorial

  Hey everyone, i received my HDK2 around 6PM today and it is now 2am. I have finally got it working and would like to give some pointers on what to do and what not to do. So lets get started! Obviously this is if you have followed the instructions in the box and have propperly connected everything. First for reference, My Current setup is:

  Intel i7 6700k OC-4.7GHz

  32GB DDR4 Corsair venegance

  Asus ROG Maximus Impact VIII

  Nvidia GTX1070 FE (works fine directly connected to HDMI port. None of the reported VIVE issues here)

  Windows 10 PRO x64

  OK First things first. When the windows 10 anniversary update came out a couple of days back, i upgraded all my machines and could not be happier. that was until today. i set up everything, installed the latest core snapshot, drivers, ECT and i thought i was done. The server would hang on "looks good, hold still" the tracker viewer would pick up the HMD's gyroscope but would not pick up camera tracking, and not to mention the black screen on the HMD. i could not get a image on the HDK2 for the life of me. I finally gave up on my main machine and tried on my backup gaming computer. Exactly the same issue. I combed up and down forums and Reddit posts but nothing. Absolutely nothing. its to be expected as this headset JUST came out. So i thought to myself. Let me try downgrading to the last build of windows 10. When the computer booted back up, my HMD now had a image! The Headset now worked in extended mode, so i reinstalled the server, drivers, ECT. Now the server doesn't hang and tracker viewer picks up the camera . all is almost well until there is no new build on the steam VR plugin . i combed all the forums and most recent posts are over 2-3 months old. i tried everything and kept on getting the Can not start compositor error. man the frustration was real. i remembered that i read somewhere that it was going to support SteamVR out of the box so i did some digging. Wouldn't you know? the answer was on the damn website. not in a forum, not in a video, not anywhere we would usually look lol. THe website has the link to the latest steam VR plugin with step by step instructions on how to install it. its not a 100% guide though. When i followed the steps, everything loaded up, steam picked up the headset, and the environment loaded. Except...... it was all reversed and upside down, including the tracking -.-. OSVR and steam have no settings to fix this but then i noticed, even in extended mode the wallpaper was reversed. So i hopped into nvidias control panel and went down to display/rotate display and set it to landscape flipped. Finally everything looks good! kind of. the resolution and centering was a bit off so i looked around, and got into OSVR center in the run-time installation folder. in there you click Tools, OSVR configurator, Click the Devices tab and change it from HDK 1.3 to HDK2.0. That was it. finally got everything perfect. So in short:

  1.Uninstall windows 10 Anniversary update (its incompatible for now)

  2.Download the latest OSVR driver pack and runtime

  3.Set the HDK2 in extended mode (OSVRcenter.exe)

  4. Follow the steps here to get the SteamVR Plugin Correctly Installedhttp://assets.razerzone.com/eeimages/pr ... 060616.pdf

  5. Run the video tracker calibration utility in the bottom of your runtime install path to avoid tracking errors(C:\Program Files\OSVR\Runtime\bin)

  6. If you have a reversed image, go to your nvidia control panel and select the HMD and rotate it to lanscape flipped

  7. To fix resolution and centering, Go into OSVR Center, Tools tab, OSVR Configurator, Devices, Then click on HDK2.0

  Here is a Step by Step video Guide i created:https://youtu.be/TCA0CBXmS2Q

  Hopefully this helps somebody out there. finding this write up would have turned 6 hours into 35 minutes.


  I just made a unboxing video. Throwing it in here https://youtu.be/lEYxV8L95PM